Distance Learning Support

Questions to ask yourself when studying at home

By asking yourself these questions, you will be actively learning which will involve more aspects of your brain and therefore help with your memory. 

Questions to ask yourself before you study:

  • What am I about to learn?
  • What do I already know about this subject?

Questions to ask yourself while you study:

  • How does this information fit into a bigger picture?
  • Do I understand what I have just read?
  • Can I rewrite it using different words?
  • Are there any key words or ideas that I need to write down? Why are these words and ideas important?
  • What can I do to help me remember this?

Questions to ask yourself after you study:

  • What can I take away from this study session?
  • What do I need to review or learn next time?

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KS3 Lesson 1 Lesson 2 Lesson 3
Monday English History Drama Week 1

DT Week 2

Tuesday Science Geography PE
Wednesday Maths


(Reading  comprehension)

RE-Week 1

PSHE- Week 2 

Thursday English Science

Art- Week 1

Music- Week 2

Friday Maths House challenge Well-being


Useful websites for you to use, as well as the resources your subject teachers are providing:






Top tips for working from home

  1. Ensure that you create a work-space that is organised. This should be comfortable but functional e.g. sitting at a table. (DO NOT revise from your bed!)
  2. Ensure that you set work hours and stick to them. Follow your timetable from school to help you.
  3. Avoid distractions such as social media etc. Even on silent, phones can be a distraction as you think about the latest Snapchat or Instagram post rather than schoolwork.
  4. Take regular short breaks (reward yourself).
  5. Don’t put things off. Sometimes we favour the subjects we like over ones we don’t, and therefore end up getting behind.
  6. Don’t work in front of the TV it will distract you.
  7. Stick to your morning routine- do not just lay in every day!
  8. Exercise. It helps you to stay focused.
  9. Eat a healthy lunch or snack.
  10. Listen to music, preferably something without lyrics as it may help you to focus.