At Mark Hall Academy we encourage all students to get involved in as many of the enrichment clubs that the Academy has to offer. We also encourage students to suggest ideas for new clubs or projects through our Student Voice.

Students that attend enrichment clubs are given extra opportunities beyond the classroom to develop their personal, social and citizenship skills through co-operating and communicating with students of all ages, learning new and exciting skills or developing and refining existing skills and knowledge. The experiences your child gains through enrichment activities enables them to become well rounded individuals and provides them with lasting memories and enjoyment.

At Mark Hall Academy our minimum expectation is that all students attend at least one enrichment activity each term.

As your child moves on from Mark Hall Academy in Year 11, sixth form schools, colleges and apprenticeship programmes are not only looking for students who perform to the best of their academic ability, but they are also looking for students who show a commitment to developing themselves as all round individuals and who have a passion for activities and interests that develop them as young citizens outside of the classroom.