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Whilst we are in this unprecedented situation it is vital that your children continue with their education. Therefore, you should encourage them to use their timetable to engage with the resources that have been provided for their different subjects.

In addition, your children should be encouraged to actively read on a daily basis. They could: read books, newspapers, magazines, instructions, recipes and on-line materials. They should also bee keeping a reading log (resource on Edulink under English).

Various platforms have been used for resources such as: Edulink, Maths Watch etc. and these details are below, along with their passwords if needed. Additionally, students have been given a folder with some physical resources for them to use.

If your children need any kind of help/advice about the work provided then you can contact their class teacher by email: initial.surname@mha.attrust.org.uk

They can also send completed work back to their class teachers if they would like any feedback.

Click here for website links and passwords for all year groups.

Click here for the planning document for all subjects and year groups