Learning Ethos

Academy Learning Ethos:

At Mark Hall Academy learning comes first and aspirations are high in a ‘can do’ culture of learning. Achievements are celebrated and rewarded and the Academy is driven by a spirit of determination and ambition.

Our learning culture is underpinned by our motto Aspire, Endeavour, Achieve:

Creating possibilities – Achieving potential

Students have a dynamic, purposeful and inventive approach and outlook when it comes to learning challenges. They can look beyond the probable and see the possible and are willing to take calculated risks. They are prepared to be flexible, to negotiate and exhibit leadership skills that bring out the best in others. They are driven by a vision of excellence and a spirit of creative enterprise.

Putting learning first – Persistence with a purpose

Students think creatively and positively about their learning; they have a ‘can do’ attitude. They actively involve themselves and others in seeking out and shaping new meaning and possibilities; they are innovators and participators, prepared to experiment and keen to discover. They engage enthusiastically in lessons and in the life of the Academy in a spirit of endeavour which leads them to realise their goals and solve problems.

Activating awareness – Accelerating progress

Students demonstrate the skills of self-confidence, resourcefulness, reciprocity and resilience in tackling learning challenges and are able to overcome obstacles. They value learning as a life-long goal and approach new opportunities through systematic planning, creative thinking and self-reflection. They have a determination to excel by having the highest standards of work, behaviour, attendance and punctuality.