I would like to welcome all of you to Mark Hall Academy.

We are on an exciting journey at Mark Hall to ensure that our students experience a quality education and leave our academy prepared for their lives as young adults with academic qualifications and personal skills that allow them to thrive as citizens in our communities and the wider world.

We want our students to actively participate in their learning and value the importance of strong academic and personal progress. Our ambition is that all students will receive an inclusive, broad and balanced curriculum, discovering through learning the importance of working together, empathy and resilience. At Mark Hall, we encourage our staff to challenge their curiosity, both inside and outside of the classroom and provide opportunities to extend their horizons beyond what they already know.

Our CORE vision embodies what we are determined to achieve at the academy every day.

Promote Challenge   Create Opportunity   Build Responsibility     Strives for Excellence

We want our students at Mark Hall to strive towards our CORE vision and be accountable for their decisions and choices. Students should have pride in their uniform, the presentation of their work and be committed to extending their knowledge, understanding and experiences through home learning. That is why we put such high value on 100% attendance and punctuality.

Our values of Ready, Respectful and Safe demonstrate our conviction to the school culture that we want at Mark Hall on a daily basis. We want our students to understand and demonstrate these behaviours, through holding doors, greeting each other, staff and visitors to the academy politely and being prepared to challenge themselves in their learning.

Students at Mark Hall will experience and be part of a community where shared accountability and hard work are appreciated, praised and rewarded.

Mark Hall is a growing, diverse community and we want everyone to feel welcome and be part of an inclusive community, grounded in mutual respect and tolerance.

I am excited to be leading Mark Hall in its journey and look forward to sharing it with you.

Manjit Hazle, Principal