At Mark Hall Academy, we ensure 

that our pupils experience a quality education and leave our academy prepared for their lives as young adults with academic qualifications and personal skills that allow them to thrive as citizens in our communities and the wider world.   

We believe that the learning opportunities that we create for them will mean they can all participate in their learning and value the importance of strong academic and personal progress. Pupils acquisition of key knowledge will support them in making progress and provide a springboard to their future educational opportunities and career ambitions. 

Our CORE vision embodies what, as adults, we are determined to engender as ‘cultural capital’:

Promote Challenge  Create Opportunity  Build Responsibility Strives for Excellence 

Pupils at Mark Hall will experience and be part of a growing, diverse, inclusive community grounded in mutual respect and tolerance. A community where shared accountability and hard work are appreciated, praised and rewarded and where all are made to feel welcome. 

The culture in which pupils will be immersed in at Mark Hall Academy is determined by the adults who work here. It is everyone’s responsibility to consistently role model and implement the shared culture of the academy.